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How to Overcome Your Anxiety Without Medication

Did you find it difficult as a child to mingle with other kids while they were happily jumping, rolling, and running around? Were exams and their results anxious moments during your teenage years? Did you feel very nervous before attending an interview or standing in front of an audience for a presentation?...

Facts Revealed About Immunity Boosters – And Why They Matter

In recent times, soon after the COVID-19 pandemic spread, we often come across the terms "immunity" or "immunity boosters." People are taking a keen interest in protecting their health. The notoriety of the pandemic is such that the slightest symptom of even a common cold is now observed suspiciously.

OMG! These Facts About Digestive Health Are Really Fascinating

Did the thought ever cross your mind how the food you take is absorbed and converted into energy? The digestive system serves multiple roles of taking, absorbing and using the essential nutrients – vitamins and minerals - we take in, and of course, eliminating waste.


What Women Really Wants?

The growing demands of daily life might be very challenging for many women. Health becomes the easiest casualty. What you need is the right health advice to keep you hale and hearty, always. And then you are the queen! The Remedicure editorial team meticulously...

Secrets Revealed on How to Be Fit at Any Age

Has age got anything to do with fitness? Well, that’s subjective. You may think you are too old to do exercises to remain fit. You would prefer to eat less and relax more as a better alternative than doing exercises to remain fit. Think again. It’s your apprehension and...

Recommended Online Courses

Should you waste your time and get confused on a course that's practically useless and ineffective? We bring you a comprehensive list of online courses that has a proven track record to improve knowledge on health. Our recommendations are based on a strict evaluation of the course content, and user reviews.
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