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How to Overcome Your Anxiety Without Medication

Were you finding it difficult as a child to mingle with other kids while they were happily jumping, rolling, and running around? Did exams and the results cause anxious moments during your teenage years? Did you feel very nervous before attending an interview or when standing in front of an audience for a presentation?

Secrets Revealed on How to Be Fit at Any Age

Has age got anything to do with fitness? Well, that’s subjective. You may think you are too old to do exercises to remain fit. You would prefer to eat less and relax more as a better alternative than do exercises to remain fit. Think again. It’s your apprehension and...

Which Vitamins Do You Need the Most for Your Body

Thanks to the health-conscious culture, we now are better informed about vitamins and minerals as essential nutrients our body needs. But do you know what each vitamin does? And which vitamins you need the most for your body type? But first, what really are Vitamins? Vitamins are essential organic compounds that are...


Which Antioxidants Really Benefit Your Body

Did you know the main reason you often fall sick or are prone to contagious diseases? It is because your immune system is weak. Antioxidants produced by your body or the food you take are insufficient and not able to fight the free radicals. What are antioxidants? What are free radicals?...

Nurture Your Children Better

What could be more precious than your child? So, when it is about your child's health, every advice seems good - be that from your near and dear ones, or your doctor. But shouldn't you know what's happening around the world to give your child even better?

Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind with These Secrets

Many a time you may have felt the daily activities has become an uphill journey because the going is tough. Be it waking up in the morning, or focusing at your workplace/college, or sweating it out at the gym; the zest which used to be, simply disappeared. Your energy levels may be...
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